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Increase Productivity & Confidence

Wellness programs help support a thriving work environment in your office. As employees begin to make progress in their wellness programs and achieve goals their confidence and abilities are enhanced. You company can benefit from a strong and more confident employee.

Low Cost — High Reward

All of MDI tests are covered by major insurance providers nationwide. Instead of your employees worrying about the cost of attaining their wellness goals they can rest at ease because MDI provides services that are covered by major insurers.

Better Weight Loss Effectiveness

Employees does not have to go to another facility to receive tests that optimize their wellness. This added convenience will ensure a seamless and productive relationship with your employees.

*The hardest part of losing weight is the Getting Started Process. After contemplating several other weight loss programs I was told about MDI. The best thing I ever did!! Since going to MDI I have lost over 15lbs. I have the energy and the will to exercise and eat better. I was amazed at the Food Intolerance test. It is very educational to know the foods your body has trouble processing, in order for you to have a healthier diet. I highly recommend MDI, they are so helpful and informative.

Gisselle C. – Keller, TX


MDI Wellness Solutions is committed to keeping your health our number one priority. 

**Disclaimer: Result may vary from person to person. We are unable to accept Medicare, Medicaid, or Tricare at this time.



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